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Welcome to the RiskCover Division. The RiskCover Division facilitates the self-insurance arrangements of Western Australian Government agencies on behalf of the State Government and promotes risk management throughout government.

RiskCover's purpose is to minimise the cost of risk to the Western Australian Government by working with agencies to focus on their operational, project and strategic business risks.

There are two contexts to the name RiskCover:

  • The RiskCover Fund - the self-insurance Fund of the Western Australian Government, which commenced on 1 July 1997; and
  • The RiskCover Division - a business division of the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, established in 1997 to manage the RiskCover Fund. The RiskCover Division also manages a number of smaller Funds such as:

Main Business Activities of RiskCover

The main business activities of RiskCover, as defined by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia Act 1986, are:

  • to manage and administer insurance and risk management arrangements on behalf of agencies;
  • to provide advice to the Western Australian Government on matters relating to insurance and risk management; and
  • to provide services, facilities and advice to agencies in respect of the management of claims against them or against funds maintained or administered by them under any written law.

Additional information on RiskCover’s services is reflected in Our Services.

RiskCover's approach to delivering services is reflected in our Aims and Service Delivery Model.

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